On February 6th, we announced an upgrade to Momentum. This latest version, Momentum 3.4.0, offers beta support for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), enhanced support for IPv6, better performance for Adaptive Delivery®, updated reporting features and a variety of other improvements.

Momentum Does IM (Beta Only)

Beta support for XMPP allows developers to experiment with sending and receiving messages over not only email and SMS text, but also IM. Just as you can send email and text interchangeably with our Mobile Momentum product – and transform message content for one channel or other – now developers can add IM to the mix, in a non-production environment. By unifying your communications across channels, customers get a much more satisfying, less fragmented communication experience. We expect to have full support for IM in production environments in the near future.

IPv6 Support

Momentum 3.4.0 also has enhanced support for IPv6. With this capability, Momentum users will be able to seamlessly accommodate the emerging protocol when the time is right for their business.

IPv6, the emerging new Internet Protocol, allows a vast number of addresses (2128), compared to the much lower number of address (232, roughly 4.3 billion) that the current IP version, IPv4, supports. Since supply of IPv4 addresses is practically exhausted, it’s only a matter of time before the major ISPs begin to transition to IPv6.

The previous version of Momentum enabled you to send and receive mail to and from IPv6 addresses, but Momentum 3.4.0 enables you to set up completely independent IPv6 bindings, which are the groupings by which Momentum can assign specific attributes to traffic streams, for much better IPv6 policy support. It also enables you to run processes like IPv6 reverse DNS checks.

From a sender’s perspective, there are other advantages to “speaking” IPv6, beyond reaching a wider audience. With a wider address space, large senders such as email service providers (ESPs) can segment their mail in myriad ways to analyze the response and make adjustments to improve deliverability. And if you have concerns about maintaining a strong reputation in a world of virtually unlimited IP addresses, please see the white paper authored by Message Systems CTO, Alec Peterson, entitled Managing Reputation In An IPv6 World.