Oct. 9, 2013 By Angela Cheong

Interact 2013 – The Digital Messaging Industry Conference Is Here!

The long awaited date has finally arrived. It’s the first week of October and we’re at Interact 2013 – The Digital Messaging Industry Conference in San Diego at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa!

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Oct. 7, 2013 By Tom Mairs

The Professional Services Team At Your Service

My name is Tom Mairs and I direct the activities of the Global Professional Services team at Message Systems.

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Oct. 3, 2013 By Angela Cheong

80% of Emails Reaching The Inbox Are Irrelevant

In this week's issue, we look at a preview statistic from the 2013 DMA Tracking Study, the average company response time to complaint emails, reasons why consumers mark email as spam and ways to work that subject line!

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Oct. 2, 2013 By John Pinson

Hey, Brands, Are You Ready For The 2013 Holiday Shopping Season?

Autumn's issue of the transactional news digest features tips on emails during the 2013 holiday shopping season, unique challenges faced by start-ups when it comes to transactional email and dealing with Gmail tabs.

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Sep. 27, 2013 By Angela Cheong

When Goodbye Isn’t Forever… Keeping Subscribers With Email Engagement Tactics

Aside from optimizing the unsubscribe process, we have a great line-up of articles this week including a new survey that reveals customer preferences for marketing channels, and best practice tips for email engagement and design.

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Sep. 26, 2013 By Sparky

Introducing A Free Email Testing Tool For DMARC, DKIM & SPF

Our email testing tools check your email to ensure that it passes the DMARC, DKIM or SPF tests that an internet service provider puts it through.

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Tobi Logo
Sep. 19, 2013 By Angela Cheong

The Path To The Consumer Is Getting Increasingly Complex

The increasing emphasis on both cross-channel and multi-channel marketing strategies highlight the increasing complexity of getting into the consumers inbox.

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Sep. 17, 2013 By Angela Cheong

How Groupon Broke The Mold With An Email Subject Line

Forget the usual personalized subject lines and discounts - this is the way a brand wins the email game - through an innovative subject line

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Sep. 9, 2013 By Corry Frydlewicz

I Wish Real Life Was More Like Email

Are you plagued by the paper version of SPAM like I am? Don't you wish you could hit the "JUNK" button on that stuff as easily as you can with your email?

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