Apple Mail

Impact of iOS 15 Update On Open Tracking

Jun. 9, 2021 / By April Mullen

If you’re an #emailgeek, you’ve no doubt heard the news from Apple this week on a big change that will have an impact on email when it comes to open tracking. We wanted to share what we know and our points of view as of now, but this information will evolve as we learn more.

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Email Design System

[Free Course] How to Make Email Production Easier with an Email Design System

Jun. 7, 2021 / By Koertni Adams

“Can you just send an email?” It seems like bosses everywhere say this… and they mean no harm with that “ASAP” deadline, but we email marketers know that getting a professional email out the door requires a ton of behind-the-scenes work. Between content, design, dev, ops, approvals, testing, etc. etc. – just getting an email

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email receipt

Creating an Email Receipt

May. 25, 2021 / By Darren Smith

Messaging Engineer, Darren Smith, explains how to create a template that can be used for a Point of Sale (POS) email receipt.

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