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Product Spotlight: Message Scope

Aug. 1, 2011 / By John Pinson

Our unique new introspection tool Message Scope launched in April. Designed for both telecom carriers and enterprises, Message Scope provides clear visibility into digital messaging operations, so you can effectively answer any questions that might arise around spam incidents, lost or delayed email or text messages, or other message-related problems.

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Adaptive Delivery® and ISP Relations

Jun. 22, 2011 / By Kate Nowrouzi

The goal of any email marketer is to get email delivered to inbox and not get blocked at the ISP gateway or diverted to the spam folder. What makes this so challenging is the very high volume of spam traffic on the Internet, and the spam filters put in place by ISPs. But while priority #1 for email marketers is getting messages to the inbox, ISPs have far different priorities.

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Adventures at the Deliverability Summit – Part 1

Jun. 7, 2011 / By John Pinson

Great session yesterday at the Deliverability Summit, with a bigger than expected turnout. Kudos to Barry Abel, Carrie Scott and Mike Hillyer for hosting and presenting, and to George Schlossnagle for leading the expert panel.

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At the Deliverability Summit…

Jun. 6, 2011 / By George Schlossnagle

SparkPost's Founder and CTO, George Schlossnagle, shares a short post based on his remarks at the beginning of the 2011 Deliverability Summit.

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