Mobile Email, Gmail Tabs & Email Marketing Statistics in 2014

Angela Cheong
Jan. 17, 2014 by Angela Cheong

Email Marketing News Digest

It’s the first email marketing digest of 2014, and we have plenty of news about the latest in the email and mobile industry! From mobile email to gmail tabs, CASL and some great email marketing statistics, there’s plenty of food for thought to whet any marketer’s appetite.

Mobile Email Opens Trump Those on Desktop

With the meteoric rise of mobile, is it even a surprise that mobile email opens are trumping those on the desktop? Mary Meeker’s 2013 State of the Internet report highlights the dominance of both mobile and tablets in everyday life. ReturnPath’s data showed that more than half of worldwide email opens took place on a mobile in Dec 2013. While email open rates on Christmas Day were low, open rates on mobile hit 62% – the highest percentage of opens in the month for mobile.

Email Opens on Mobile & Desktop

Email At The Heart Of Social Ads

The debate on email versus social is officially over – and here’s why. Chris Penn, VP of SHIFT Communication blogs about how Twitter and Facebook social display ads are making email the heart of their retargeting campaigns, offering users the ability to upload email lists. With email being the equivalent of a digital home, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if more social media platforms begin to offer this feature.

33 Mind Shattering Email Marketing Statistics You Need To Know In 2014

Salesforce compiled an impressive list of email marketing statistics in 2013. In this new year, we’ve got some updated statistics and email marketing best practices takeaways from Paul Jorgensen – a perfect resource for any email marketer looking to make a business case.

Groupon Says Gmail Tabs Hurt Its Business. Are They Hurting Yours?

Here’s an update by Dela Quist from Alchemy Worx on another hot topic in 2013 – Gmail Tabs. In this article, Dela Quist examines the issue of Gmail tabs hurting businesses… While daily deals sites like Groupon may be affected, there’s no rush to panic outside of the daily deals market and business model.

Google broke Canada’s privacy laws with targeted health ads, watchdog says

Even the world’s largest organisations can run afoul of privacy laws as proven in recent times. Google recently found itself on the wrong side of the law, or more specifically Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The Act specifies that targeted advertising must not be based on sensitive personal data such as health information and Google was found in breach in a particular incident. The CASL and concerns over compliance have long been hot button topics in the email industry as well and this recent discretion is sure to stir up some debate on the issue!

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