SparkPost Adds Behavioral Targeting with Lytics

Michael Brondello
Sep. 11, 2015 by Michael Brondello

A well-targeted email can be a marketer’s best friend, but with users taking so many actions, how can you cut through the noise to know what really matters to that user?

When your consumers engage with email, they bring with them a history of behaviors that point to who they are and what they want, like opening emails on a certain topic, clicking through certain links, and even the frequency of how often they engage. Each of these events adds to your understanding of who that email subscriber is and what they want from your brand.

However, when someone engages with your emails, it’s only one piece of their picture. To really understand that subscriber you’ll have to consider their whole relationship with your brand: every product category they’ve viewed on-site, what they’ve purchased in the past, or if they’re a loyalty member. Each piece of information is critical to building a complete picture of who this person is and your relationship with them.

To achieve the ever-elusive 1:1 marketing, Marketers need to tap into user behaviors from across multiple channels and use them to close the gap between who that person is and the messages they receive.

The question comes: how do you get rich, behavioral data into SparkPost so you can reach the right person with the right message? We’re excited to announce a partnership built to do just that- SparkPost & Lytics.

Lytics is a customer database built for marketers. Lytics’ APIs plug into your existing marketing toolset and unifies the consumer data from multiple sources, giving you one place to manage your audience. Whether it’s discovering your high-value shoppers who haven’t visited the site or the email subscriber who’ve viewed a certain item, Lytics makes it easy to take these audience segments and export them directly to SparkPost so you can reach them with a hyper-targeted message.


Here are a few use cases our users love:

Emails Triggered by Events

With SparkPost and Lytics, you’ll be able to send emails that are triggered by events from your site, mobile app, support system, transactional database, etc. Basically, any action your customer can take is now a trigger for an email.  

Communicate with Context

Your relationship with the customer doesn’t begin when they sign up for the newsletter, it starts with their first visit to your site. Lytics tracks the behaviors of all anonymous visitors, so that once they convert, you already know the interests of this person and can jump into a relevant conversation.

Screenshot Lytics and SparkPost

Predictive Based Email Marketing

Lytics automatically groups your audience into engagement based segments, so that sending an email to your power users, active users, inactive users, or dormant users has never been easier.

If you want to explore more of what’s possible with behavioral emails, just contact your SparkPost rep and ask about Lytics.

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