What a week! We just held our first ever OptIn conference down in Carmel, CA and it was incredible! We’ve done conferences and events in the past but this was our first ‘vendor-agnostic’ conference. What does that really mean? We pushed really hard to make sure folks from all corners of the email industry were invited and encouraged to attend – it was super important to our entire team to put together a conference where everyone in our industry (and beyond it) felt welcome. Competitors, industry pundits, journalists and plenty of folks NOT using SparkPost all gathered listen in on talks about email and the exciting strides they’re making with email. The weather was perfect, and attendees got to warm up to the conference on Day 1 by participating in hiking, archery, cooking, crafting or yoga before a delicious welcome dinner.

It’s incredibly exciting to me to watch our events evolve over the years and so promising to see the increasing number of women and minorities as both attendees AND speakers. A personal favorite was definitely Michelle Poler talking about her 100 days without fear project, where she conquered a fear every day for 100 days and documented the entire process. Her talk on pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to achieve true growth resonated with everyone in the audience and of course, got the wheels turning on how we can all apply this philosophy to our day jobs and beyond.


The Diversity and Inclusion panel by the Women of Email was also very impactful, highlighting (among other things) the importance of representation on teams when hiring and recruiting in ANY industry. They also touched on accessibility in email, as well as authentic ways that brands can incorporate social messages and support for minorities and underrepresented groups into their messaging and campaigns.

As I said, the conference was jam-packed full of sessions on all things email, data, engagement & growth. I think you could probably poll our attendees (don’t worry, we did!) and learn that they felt their conference tickets were money well spent. We hope to see you at OptIn’20! 

Happy Sending!