SparkPost Looking Back 2015

First off, I realize I’m a little late for an obligatory “look back” year-end blog post. In my defense I’ve been working with our awesome team on finalizing our plans for the coming year. We have fantastic things in store for 2016, and we are greatly looking forward to rolling them out.

In the meantime, when looking back on 2015 I’m simply blown away by all that our company accomplished, clearly positioning us as a market leader in email services and email infrastructure. Our technology is now responsible for delivering over 25% of the world’s legitimate email – more than any other company in the industry. This growing footprint allowed us to report another record year of bookings and revenue.

SparkPost is now the fastest growing cloud email service, even though it did not become generally available until last April. Industry leaders like Pinterest, Zillow, The Financial Times, CareerBuilder and a number of major financial institutions are among the many customers who have adopted SparkPost. We’ve gone from processing very few messages in the cloud back when we were in beta to delivering billions of messages a month. We are both delighted and humbled by this tremendous growth and reception.

There are a number of factors driving SparkPost adoption, including our industry-leading deliverability to the inbox (verified by third parties, incidentally). Additionally, I think it is significant that unlike competing services, SparkPost is a modern email platform,uniquely able to facilitate and adapt to all the requirements placed on email services today. Unlike the world of ten – or even five – years ago, there is enormous demand for personalization, integration with big data stores, deep integration with other applications, almost zero latency in message delivery, real time analytics and a lot more. Having a cloud email platform designed with these requirements in mind, together with a comprehensive but easy to digest set of APIs, positions us extremely well. We also have a significant advantage being the only full-featured cloud email service architected to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This gives us a terrific amount of flexibility, and allows us to offer capabilities to our customers that other services can’t match –SLAs for email delivery burst rates being just one notable example.

Another significant 2015 milestone was the announcement of our strategic partnership with HP, positioning SparkPost as the email delivery platform for the HP Exstream Delivery Manager. This allows HP to offer its customers in industries like insurance, healthcare and telecoms a superior e-delivery option for customer communications such as bills and policy documents. We are excited to be working with HP in this capacity.

Other big news for us this year was our acquisition and successful integration of Port25 Solutions. This allowed us to significantly expand our technology portfolio, engineering staff and customer base. We were extremely pleased to welcome the Port25 team into the company, especially since it brings together the industry’s most experienced technologists in email infrastructure.

Now that 2015 is in the rear view mirror, I’d like to say a big thank you to all our customers for putting their trust in us and providing the inspiration to continue improving our offerings. I’d also like to say an equally big thank you to all our staff for making this an amazing and transformative year. I’m looking forward to 2016 with excitement and anticipation … viva SparkPost!