It’s been an interesting few months for all businesses. With the outbreak of COVID-19 everyone has needed to be a bit more creative when it comes to not only a productive work environment but also keeping employees engaged. At SparkPost we pivoted to a completely remote working model. The actual work aspect of this was an easy transition but for us, culture is very important, and we wanted to make sure we kept employees connected and supported by the greater SparkPost family. 

Our HR and Admin teams have spent a significant amount of time planning virtual activities and events as well as providing resources to our employees in order to keep company morale high during such a difficult time. We acknowledge that these are unprecedented times and in order to be as supportive as possible we have encouraged employees to expense home office needs and take mental health days. We’ve also hosted many innovative and successful virtual events.

If you’re looking for inspiration for virtual events you can hold to boost morale at your company as you work remotely we recommend trying out these:

  • Mindfulness seminar – In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month (May) we hosted at virtual mindfulness seminar to give employees tips on how to feel more invigorated at home and more successful at work. Here are a few topics that were covered during the seminar:
    • Ways to appreciate the present
    • Ways to avoid being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety that can intrude on your everyday routine
    • Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that relieve tension
  • Virtual yoga sessions –  We recognize that working from home can sometimes feel monotonous for some people. To break up the day and get employees moving we held a a virtual yoga series, which gave employees a structured midday break.
  • Bingo –  We brought together our company for some virtual bingo during the work day. We played 6 rounds and in true Bingo fashion gave away some highly coveted prizes!
  • Trivia – Trivia is a company favorite here at SparkPost! Employees formed teams and communicated via slack to answer tricky questions asked by the trivia master (one of our amazing employees).

Additionally, we also kicked off Fun Friday Virtual Summer Field Trips, a series of virtual events that were geared towards engaging our employees and their families:

  • Broadway Babysitters Playhouse provided a puppet song and story time, interactive poetry reading and a family dance party
  • Employee led virtual reptile tour
  • Employee led virtual farm tour

We recently launched an Activities & Events committee to help plan and execute future virtual events and resources as we continue to navigate this unique situation. 

~ Danielle