Email marketing is cost-effective, enables you to build loyal followers, and is easy to track, test, and optimize. However, in order to ensure that your emails get opened, the use of a good subject line is so important. 

Roughly 80% of the US population uses email. The majority of email users check their email many times per day, but after receiving a promotional email, only roughly one-quarter of them take action. So you may be thinking… Does marketing through emails even work? The answer is…. YES! 

While open rates may not be a great metric, subject lines are still so essential. Even if you can’t measure it, you should still pay attention to it. 

When writing subject lines, they should be short and engaging, and there are many ways to do this: 

1. Personalize your email subject lines!

Readers are more likely to open your email when you personalize the subject line because they stand out in the inbox as highly relevant, tailored material. They strengthen customer experiences by ensuring the email is the right content to the right people at the right time! Ways of doing this include: 

  • “Hey, Lauren! Don’t forget about your shopping cart!”
  • “Summer is around the corner, Lauren! Shop now for cute summer dresses!”
  • “Lauren! Your order has been shipped!” 50 characters or less – think mobile-first

Having short and sweet subject lines that readers can quickly read is important in our fast-moving world! Do not put too much detail into your subject lines. Think about when on the go, and checking your phone quickly, you need to be able to read the subject line of an email and understand what you just received. 

2. In creativity vs clarity, clarity wins

Being as clear as possible in your subject line will help you engage your audience and make them know exactly what is embedded in your email. Do not try to get overly creative in your subject line, keep it simple and clear for anyone to read. 

3. Emojis show some promise for getting more opens

Including some emojis is a fun way to engage your audience and keep them excited about your email. 64% of people say they open an email because of its subject line, so including emojis here can really help yours be noticed. However, knowing who you are targeting and whether or not this would be a good idea to include emojis is key.  

Some examples include:

  • Plan your next trip with us, Lauren? ✈️
  • National Pet Day is April 11th!  🐶🐱🐟
  • Winter is right around the corner! ☃️❄️

4. Test and test again!

It is vital to test out your subject line and ask others for feedback. This can be done through A/B testing and you can test all of the elements above to see what works best for you. Once you have tested it once, test it again and again. You can never test these enough and you want to collect as much information as possible.

Have fun with this! Make sure you don’t overthink what you are writing in your subject lines. Test them again and again! 

~ Lauren Stein, SparkPost Marketing Intern


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