Experienced email senders know that a great sending reputation is essential to delivering messages where they’ll actually be opened and read: the inbox. Building a good reputation takes time—but SparkPost has just made one part of that process a lot easier.

We’ve released a new Auto IP Warmup feature for SparkPost customers who add dedicated IP addresses to their account. Auto IP Warmup uses a stage-based approach that slowly increases the amount of traffic sent over an IP each day that you send email to help you build trust. And during this warm-up period, we overflow any excess traffic to your existing, warm IPs, so you won’t experience any downtime in your ability to send.

Bottom line? As a sender, you won’t have to worry about the impact of cold IP addresses on your ability to connect to your customers. Auto IP Warmup uses a proven process that ensures a good level of trust can be built for your IP in about a month. As long as you’re sending high-quality email to an engaged customer base, you’ll be good to go.

You can learn more about SparkPost’s Auto IP Warmup feature in our Knowledge Base. And if you’d like to dive deeper, our deliverability experts wrote a fantastic article about IP warmup best practices that was invaluable reading when I was just learning the ropes.

Auto IP Warmup makes it easy to get up and running quickly with a dedicated IP address—so you can spend your resources on creating great emails your customers will love, rather than the nuts and bolts of managing the tedious and technical process of ramping up trust for a new address.

Please reach out to share your feedback and any questions.

Happy Sending,
Harold Vass
Technical Product Manager