Headed to San Diego

John Pinson
Aug. 17, 2012 by John Pinson

Myself and some of my colleagues will be hopping on planes headed for San Diego this weekend to begin the early preparations for Interact 2012: Engage! – The Second Annual Message Systems User Conference. We’re anticipating another great event this year, and we can say this with a good amount of confidence since last year’s event was such a success, and the list of attendees is quite a bit bigger than the 2011 group also.

Once again, we have attendees coming from all corners of our customer and partner base, and even better, we’ve convinced lots more of them to present and participate in our panels this year. Speakers include many of the most prominent names in the digital messaging space, including Mike Hammer from American Greetings, Piero Depaoli from Symantec, Dennis Dayman from Eloqua, Josh Aberant from Twitter, and representatives from Oracle, LinkedIn, Match.com, YesMail, mBlox and several others.

We’re especially looking forward to our keynote speakers: George Bilbrey from Return Path, and Don Peppers, founding partner at Peppers & Rogers Group. Don’s an in-demand speaker at many of the bigger tech conferences, so we were excited he could be with us in San Diego. He’s recognized as a leading authority on customer-focused business strategies, having wrote one of the key books on the subject, along with his long-time partner Martha Rogers, Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework.

Don kicks off our first full day of sessions on Wednesday, August 22nd speaking on: Sense and Respond – Engaging the Always-Switched-On Customer. George Bilbrey, of course, is the president of Return Path, and is widely known in the industry as a top expert on email reputation, authentication and deliverability. He’ll start out our second full day of sessions with an address entitled Engaging the Customer, Capturing Customer Mindshare and Securing the Brand.

For attendees flying in early next week: we’re very much looking forward to seeing friends and family from the Message Systems community all in one place again. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, share your experiences about your own Message Systems implementation, and hear what we have in store for our evolving product roadmap. See you in San Diego!

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