Recently I blogged about one of Microsoft’s visions for the future, a vision in which people sent messages not only with computers and phones but also with desks, refrigerators and even glasses. Many parts of this vision seem plausible, since that’s where we’re already headed, with increasingly flexible, capable smartphones and the increasing availability of Internet-capable devices. The New York Times just blogged about Google’s Project Glass, which explores the potential of “augmented-reality” glasses that run the Android mobile platform.

Here is Google’s vision for how these new glasses would work:

A good idea, or a bad idea? Time will tell, assuming it gets to the assembly line. But one thing is clear: Devices are getting both smarter and more various. And when you can’t use a device to talk in real time, you’re going to need to send a message. The world is going to need a reliable way to get any kind of message to any kind of device, no matter what the future brings.