On Tuesday, September 25, a completely redesigned and updated Message Systems website was unveiled to the world. It was an exciting development for several reasons, but especially for those of us in the marketing department because — aside from some search engine optimization hired guns — the new content, navigation architecture, design and coding were handled entirely by our in-house team.

What’s New

Of course, internally we all had our own reasons for wanting to update the website: make it easier to update and maintain, improve performance, and a chance to try out some cool new toys. But more importantly, for the outside world it served as a first glimpse at our newest packaged offering: the Customer Conversation Hub (CCH). We’ll have a lot more to say about the CCH soon, but as you’ll see on the solutions overview page, it’s a comprehensive customer engagement solution that enables you to connect your data sources, business processes and applications with your messaging (email, text and more) to coordinate customer interactions across business units and channels. A major step forward in harnessing digital messaging for customer engagement, the CCH provides all the capabilities needed to initiate and sustain the kinds of real-time, conversation-style interactions that customers increasingly demand in today’s communication environment.

Simplified Navigation and Information

One thing we learned in our site update research was that our customers, prospects and other site visitors wished for a more intuitive path to key information. To that end, we streamlined and organized the content into more logical sections. We also put a lot of work into highlighting the Message Systems story in a way that tells you more clearly what we do and why we do it. We believe that once you understand how truly visionary our solutions are, you’ll see how they can help you drive your business forward, right now and on into the future. Pay us a visit — here are a few things you’ll find:

  • A Community section that’s home to our blog, events listings, partners, industry alliance information and lots more. Be sure to check out the new Featured Clients page that provides quick snapshots of our wonderful customers.
  • A dedicated Resources section with all of our product collateral, customer case studies, white papers and more, all in once place. Don’t miss the updated Videos page with clips from our clients, including US Airways and TC Transcontinental; and highlights from our Interact user conferences. We’ll be posting many more client videos in the weeks ahead — so check back again soon.
  • A refreshed Solutions section with information on how Message Systems customers use our technology to help achieve business objectives like Customer Engagement, Revenue Generation and Deliverability.

This recent website launch is just the first in a series of improvements and updates that will be rolled out in the coming months. We look forward to providing you with more resources in multiple formats so that no matter how you like to receive information, relevant content will be available.

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