Executive Update: Helping Customers Thrive in 2012

George Schlossnagle
Jan. 1, 2012 by George Schlossnagle

I wanted to get a note into our first newsletter of 2012 because in so many ways, 2011 was a watershed year for Message Systems. First, we’re growing like gangbusters. We’ve added 25 entirely new brands to our client list in 2011, and expanded our relationships with many of our existing clients. To keep that dizzying pace going through 2012 and beyond we’ve expanded our headcount by nearly 70% over the past 12 months. Not surprisingly this required us to expand our offices: We secured a new suite in a building adjacent to our headquarters in Columbia, so we now have all of our engineers in one location. And, our San Francisco offices have reached capacity, so we’ll be almost doubling our space there in the coming months.

2011 also saw us hosting our first-ever user conference in San Diego, Interact2011, which was a resounding success, attracting more than a hundred attendees. The chance to hear from our customers first-hand was invaluable, and we had a darn good time, too. If you didn’t attend Interact2011, I urge you not to miss Interact2012. You can register now, in fact, for the August event.

Another aspect of our growth story is that we’ve been able to accelerate our product development. As such, we’re moving to a quarterly release schedule. We believe this is going to help us to respond more rapidly to customer needs, and we’ll be working to keep customers better apprised of our progress as we push the envelope on what’s possible with digital messaging.

To that end, we’re covering Momentum 3.4.0 in our Product Spotlight in this issue of the newsletter. With Momentum 3.4.0, you can now experiment with transforming message content on the fly between not only email and SMS – which you can do now with our Mobile Momentum product – but also IM. Imagine, being able to keep a conversation going with a customer or partner over email, SMS and IM chat, bouncing from one channel to another throughout the day without losing the context of the conversation. We’re making cross-channel messaging a reality.

We’ve also got a featured customer story on our friends at Infusionsoft, a marketing automation firm based in Arizona that’s using Momentum’s Adaptive Delivery® feature to drive deliverability rates consistently up into the 99% range. And, we’ve turned our Tech Tips column this month over to Oleksiy Kovyrin, Senior Technical Operations Engineer at LivingSocial, who was kind enough to share his tips on tuning Momentum to your specific environment for best performance.

In 2012, we’re focused on one thing: Helping you, our customers or potential customers, to be successful. Have an idea on how we can do that? Let us know!

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