Your Email Reputation And Why It Matters

Clea Moore
Apr. 3, 2017 by Clea Moore

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A good reputation is built on trust, and trust takes time to build. In email, without the trust of both the ISPs and your subscribers, you aren’t going to be very successful. So, you might say a GOOD REPUTATION = SUCCESS. In this post, I’ll talk about what it takes to build a good email reputation and how you can maintain it.

What does it mean to have a “good” reputation in email?

Having a good reputation means you are a trusted sender. ISPs know you to be a marketer who follows the rules, and respects their users. Your subscribers know that you are tuned into what they want to receive and when they want it.

Why does your email reputation matter?

Without a good reputation, ISPs won’t trust your mail. That translates to deferrals, spam placement, and even blocks. Let’s face it, if your mail is going to the spam folder or getting blocked, then your subscribers aren’t getting it, and you’re missing out on a lot of revenue.

It’s also important to remember that how your subscribers perceive your mail is crucial. If you aren’t sending them relevant, timely content, then they may complain or unsubscribe. Not only do you lose that subscriber forever, but ISPs are using complaints as a key signal for how trustworthy you are as a sender. See where I’m going with this?

How do you build a good reputation?

A good reputation comes from following best practices, and being tuned-in to your subscribers’ needs. Key drivers at the ISP-level are: complaint rates, percentage of invalid addresses (hard bounces), delete-without-read rates, spam trap hits, and more.

The best way to control those metrics, that the ISPs use to determine your mailing reputation, is to focus on keeping your subscribers engaged and delighted. This involves a lot of data gathering and testing around what your subscribers like. The most important thing to keep in mind is that email is no longer one-size-fits-all. To truly build the trust of your subscribers and be successful, you need to focus on targeted content, rather than the traditional batch-and-blast campaigns that are no longer effective.

How do you maintain your email reputation?

A phrase I often hear associated with email reputation is “It takes a long time to build a good one, and a short amount of time to ruin it.” That couldn’t be more true. Just because you have built a good reputation, doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax! It’s important to stay on top of your program and to continue evolving in a positive way. Just because a subscriber signed up for your mail, doesn’t mean they will always want to receive it. Make sure you are constantly cleaning your list of unengaged subscribers. Ideally, you should try to re-engage those people first! With so many distractions in this digital age, you need to be able to send engaging content to the right people, at the right time. Personalization is key.

Building and maintaining your reputation isn’t easy. Having a reliable sending platform and a great deliverability team are an important component, and SparkPost can help.

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Clea Moore
SparkPost Deliverability Lead

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