Misconceptions About Email Sign-Ups

Angela Cheong
Sep. 6, 2013 by Angela Cheong

Weekly Email Marketing News Digest

This week, we are featuring more articles on the mistakes made by email marketers, as well as some email content marketing strategies to get your creative juices flowing!

The Biggest Email Sign-up Misconceptions

Here’s a list of misconceptions when it comes to email sign-ups:

  • You don’t need a landing page for sign-ups
  • You don’t need to capture more than an email address
  • You don’t need to send a confirmation email or use that opportunity for upselling
  • You don’t need to find out more about your customer’s preferences
  • You don’t need social media

For more information on these email misconceptions check out the full article!

10 More Habits Of Highly Ineffective Email Marketers

Here’s part 2 of the article on Highly Ineffective Email Marketers by email guru, Loren McDonald, and another 10 ineffective email habits.

  • 11. Blaming management, IT or others: It’s your job to educate management about the importance of email.
  • 12. Being overly focused on incremental tactics: Focus on what drives revenue.
  • 13. Staying siloed: Think of ways to integrate email with other channels
  • 14. Losing focus: Don’t rush to try out the next big thing
  • 15. Relying on a “pull the list” approach: Invest in triggered automated emails based on customer behaviour
  • 16. Living by calendar alone: Move towards an automated program that responds to customer behaviour instead
  • 17. Testing as a tactic: Testing should be part of an overall strategy
  • 18. Missing the easy stuff: Send Happy Birthday! emails with promotions that drive customer engagement
  • 19. Avoiding the hard stuff: Ensure systems integration for automated emails
  • 20. Missing the bigger picture: Be aware of the context surrounding changes you implement

5 Email Marketing Content Strategies

Running out of content strategies for email marketing? Here are a few:

  • Short & Sweet Inspirational Insights
  • User Generated Content
  • Startling Facts
  • Industry News Aggregation (Looks familiar anyone? ;P)
  • FAQs

1 in 2 Email Opens Said to Occur on a Mobile Device During Q2

We’ve had studies announcing email opens on a mobile device is at 40% and others that B2C emails are at 69%. Here’s another study highlighting the rise of email opens on mobile devices.

1 in 2 Email Opens Said to Occur on a Mobile Device

The Psychological Hierarchy of the Email Campaign

Here are the four stages on the road to customer engagement when it comes to email – and the four things marketers have to get right for subscribers to take action.

Psychological Hierarchy of An Email

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