Did you know the U.S. hosts over 1.9 million meetings (conventions, conferences, congresses, trade shows and exhibitions, incentive events, and corporate/business meetings) a year? That’s a lot of time spent at conferences.

Now that it’s almost Q4 it means it’s conference season, which means it’s time to figure out where you’re going to best spend your time learning all of the cool new technologies that will make your job easier.

The greatest thing about conference season is that regardless of your job role, there is a conference out there to suit everyone’s career growth. Here are some developer and product conferences that we thought were worth you checking out.

[Need a convince your boss email template? Scroll down to the bottom for sample text.]



  • dotJS – Paris, France, November 8-9
  • RubyConf – Los Angeles, CA, November 13-15
  • AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, NV, November 26-30


On top of picking the best ones, you might also need to convince your boss, which is why we created a sample email you can use for any conference. Copy and paste the email below and let the mayhem of conference season begin!


Hi {boss’s name}
I’d really like to attend the {insert event name} taking place {insert full date}, in {insert location}. In past years, {insert name of event} has been the meeting place for {insert your job function, e.g. developers, product managers, engineers, and email experts}. {Add any additional convincing blurb here}
Here are three ways in which I envision my attendance at {insert event name, e.g. SparkPost ’18} strengthening {your Company Name}:
· Many of the sessions will cover best practices in {list what will increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase engagement,, e.g. email deliverability, email security, segmentation, GDPR, and general email best practices} —all areas that we need to get up to speed on to grow our business
· Interactive Q & A sessions, and Keynote Addresses from {type of industry, e.g. email} industry leaders and experts will bring me up to date on new and developing tools, which will help us build a more realistic and cost-effective short- and long-term technology plan
· Networking is also highly encouraged, so I’ll have plenty of time to speak with other attendees and speakers about issues and challenges facing similarly-sized companies

The cost of the event is {insert cost}. [If applicable add info about any discounts, e.g. There is an early bird registration discount, which ends {insert date}]. There will be additional travel and hotel costs, but I’ll do my best to stay within a mutually agreed upon budget.

I realize that this is a significant funding request, and would be happy to write a post-conference report detailing what I’ve learned, and a schedule detailing how to best implement any new changes. You can learn more about the event at {insert event URL}. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns; I do hope we can make this work.


{Your Name}


Hope this helps, and hope to see you all at an event this fall!