Company News: Excellence in Security by Design

John Pinson
Sep. 1, 2011 by John Pinson

In April 2011, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) launched a new initiative to promote increased awareness of the critical importance of maintaining a secure environment for messaging and online communications. As the OTA stated at the time, “the Security by Design framework is… predicated on the belief that all members of the messaging community have a stake in the preservation of consumer trust. Data stewardship is everyone’s responsibility and creating a culture of security is a critical priority as we move into an era of data-driven cross-channel communications and platforms.”

In October, the OTA presented Message Systems with the first-ever “Excellence in Security by Design” award. OTA Executive Director and President Craig Spiezle cited Message Systems’ commitment to the success of the initiative, and ongoing efforts to educate stakeholders and the media on the importance of maintaining a secure messaging ecosystem based on OTA guidelines. Craig went on to point out that “Message Systems exemplifies a commitment to ensuring that consumers can communicate and engage electronically with 100% confidence. The efforts of the Message Systems team have been invaluable in fostering the ecosystem for trusted online communication and we are excited to present them with this honor, which sets a precedent for years to come.”

Message Systems CMO, Dave Lewis, was on hand at the OTA’s Annual Online Trust Forum & Training Academy in Washington, DC, and accepted the award on behalf of the company. CEO George Schlossnagle issued a statement thanking the OTA, and pointing out that “education and advocacy for best practices is something we take very seriously as a company, so being recognized for our efforts to build a secure messaging ecosystem is highly gratifying. As the messaging community contends with the fast-evolving threat landscape and other business and technological challenges, such as the implementation of IPv6, Message Systems will continue to provide both the thought leadership and technology solutions that the next generation of digital communication demands.”

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