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Do Email Benchmarks Vary By Region?

Jan. 4, 2013 / By Angela Cheong

Happy New Year readers! And may 2013 be a year of great success and happiness for all! A brand new year calls for brand new predictions. And an article that is currently trending on LinkedIn is one that can’t be ignored.

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Three Reasons Why Email Marketers Turn To In-House Email Solutions

Dec. 31, 2012 / By Angela Cheong

Email marketing is without doubt, one of the most important channels for lead nurturing as evinced by a number of studies and research reports in recent times. It has also been argued that it serves as an important channel for lead acquisition although the jury is still out on that point.

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Case Study: Kaixin 001

Three Email Marketing Metrics You Need To Measure

Dec. 18, 2012 / By Angela Cheong

Last Wednesday was an exciting time for the world of email marketing - The Relevancy Group officially released results of a survey of more than 400 email marketing professionals on the effectiveness of email marketing solutions they deploy.

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Product Spotlight: Momentum for CRM

Apr. 1, 2012 / By John Pinson

Stepping in a new direction, Message Systems recently announced a new line of software solutions that extend and enhance the messaging capabilities of legacy CRM systems.

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