PowerMTA 5.0

Welcoming PowerMTA 5.0

Sep. 18, 2019 / By Harold Vass

Technical Product Manager, Harold Vass, shares the key items included in the launch of the newest version of PowerMTA - PowerMTA 5.0!

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5 Reasons You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud

Nov. 11, 2015 / By Brent Sleeper

SparkPost can combine the best of the cloud with the existing footprint of on-premesis investments. Here are five use cases when a hybrid cloud approach makes a lot of sense.

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New Feature: Adaptive Delivery Reporting in Momentum 4.2

Sep. 9, 2015 / By Rob Marchi

Adaptive Delivery from Message Systems has long demonstrated its effectiveness at improving message deliverability to the inbox. And that’s not just blowing smoke—we recently published a comprehensive review of deliverability using eDataSource that proved our platform’s 8% edge in deliverability over the second-place provider. That competitive advantage has a bottom-line impact for our customers,...

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Announcing Momentum 4.2

Aug. 7, 2015 / By Jose Santa Ana

The industry's leading email platform with even easier deployment options and better customer engagement We are excited to announce the availability of Momentum 4.2, the latest release of our flagship messaging platform. Here are a few of the new features available in Momentum 4.2

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Yahoo! Dropping Return Path Management of Yahoo Feedback Loop

Jun. 16, 2015 / By Tonya Gordon

Yahoo has just announced that they will be dropping Return Path from managing their Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL). On June 29, 2015 Yahoo will transition the Yahoo CFL administration to their own Yahoo Customer Care. Yahoo does plan to port over all configurations as-is, stating no actions should be required and they will continue sending spam reports during the transition. However, senders should save existing CFL information as it will not be available after the transition.

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Complex Software is Hard

Feb. 11, 2015 / By George Schlossnagle

Building software to a spec is easy. Building software to perform in the situations you can anticipate is only a tad bit harder. It’s the engineering involved to build a system that is instrumented for observability and constructed with tools to operate under conditions you didn’t foresee that is the true feat.

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Finding the Ideal Email Solution Provider

Sep. 26, 2014 / By John Pinson

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to email. For a lot of senders an ESP or cloud solution is going to work best. For others, nothing less than a high-performance on-premises platform will do. Finding the Ideal Email Solution Provider walks the reader through the various questions that will arise during the buying process, explains the options available in choosing one route over another, and sheds light on what kind of outcomes you can expect.

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The Email Check List

Drive Down Your Messaging Infrastructure Costs

Jun. 25, 2014 / By John Pinson

The common approach to spending on email messaging infrastructure is, as with most capital investments businesses make, to get the best quality product with the capabilities you need while paying as little as possible. But too often this sets up a choice between what seem like the only two workable options.

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[Infographic] Are You Getting Enough Mileage Out of Commodity Message Transfer Agents?

Jun. 23, 2014 / By Angela Cheong

With Momentum, you're getting the best the industry has to offer, and a smooth sailing ride to ensure your mail gets to its destination. Here's a comparison that illustrates why time and time again, the world's biggest senders such as social networks, email service providers and cloud-based companies choose Momentum over other commodity MTAs.

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