I Look Like An Engineer: Figure Skater Turns Software Engineer

Aug. 14, 2015 / By Aimee Knight

I’m a figure skater. Coming from a background in collegiate sports, I’m highly driven, with an inner voice that replies to a challenge saying “suck it up buttercup.” I have a contagious amount of energy, and an intense amount of grit. I also happen to be a passionate software engineer who works on SparkPost in our Columbia, Maryland, office. I use Node.js and Angular to help build out email infrastructure for companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. How did I get here?

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Connecting SparkPost and Sendwithus

Jul. 31, 2015 / By Alex Mohr

In the days of yore, after an email was triggered, say by a user signing up for your site, a welcome email would be assembled from the code stored deep within your app and sent directly from your server via SMTP. This meant that if you wanted to use dynamic data, like that user’s name, you would have to navigate your database and pull it out. Similarly, if you wanted to make updates, you had to dig into the codebase. We’ve come a long way since then,

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What It’s Like to Be a SparkPost Developer Advocate

Jul. 15, 2015 / By Aydrian Howard

“If you build it, they will come” may be true for baseball fields, but it doesn’t hold true for APIs. Any company that’s serious about the success of its APIs must take the time to reach out to the developer community and help them succeed. That, in a nutshell, is the job that Benjamin Dean and I have been hired to do as SparkPost Developer Advocates.

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Yahoo! Dropping Return Path Management of Yahoo Feedback Loop

Jun. 16, 2015 / By Tonya Gordon

Yahoo has just announced that they will be dropping Return Path from managing their Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL). On June 29, 2015 Yahoo will transition the Yahoo CFL administration to their own Yahoo Customer Care. Yahoo does plan to port over all configurations as-is, stating no actions should be required and they will continue sending spam reports during the transition. However, senders should save existing CFL information as it will not be available after the transition.

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We Have Lift-Off!

Apr. 15, 2015 / By Sparky

It is our great pleasure to announce that SparkPost, Built by Message Systems, has completed beta and is now available to everyone. As wasannounced today by Message Systems, we are thrilled at the reception we’ve received, both in the marketplace and in the industry in general. Some of the great companies who’ve already signed up for SparkPost are Pinterest, Zillow, Bisnow, Iterable, Circonus and Movoto, just to name a few.

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SparkPost is Now Available to Everyone

Apr. 15, 2015 / By Barbara Burlington

Email is every business’s bread and butter, whether they realize it or not. But for companies that aren’t that familiar with engagement and revenue costs of some of the low-performing email sending options out there on the market today, the benefits of upgrading to a new email delivery service may not be immediately apparent. You may have seen in the press that we announced that SparkPost is out of beta and generally available to the public, but readers who aren’t already Message Systems customers and familiar with the engagement and performance benefits of sending on Momentum platform may be asking themselves: “Why SparkPost? And why should I upgrade now?”

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Meet the People Behind SparkPost

Mar. 3, 2015 / By Sparky

Get to know the people behind your favorite email service. Meet SparkPost Product Manager, Irina Doliov and Principal Developer Advocate, Ben Dean.

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​Optimizing SparkPost for Deliverability and Abuse Prevention

Feb. 19, 2015 / By John Pinson

The launch of SparkPost takes Message Systems into new territory, away from the relatively peaceful world of enterprise, on-premise email management and into the more freewheeling world of cloud email services – a place populated by SMBs, as well as some who try to disguise their bad intentions. That’s why Autumn Tyr-Salvia was a key hire for the SparkPost team: She will rely on the invaluable experience she gained while working at Marketo (a company which runs Momentum) as she manages SparkPost’s Standards and Best Practices group.

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