FinTech unicorns

4 Ways FinTech Unicorns Drive User Growth With Triggered and Transactional Emails

May. 24, 2019 / By Casey Martin

Explore 4 examples of the ways current FinTech unicorns are using triggered and transactional emails to help drive their growth.

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sending hippa

AMP for Email: Sending PHI and PII to your Customers

May. 20, 2019 / By Jeff Goldstein

Senior Messaging Engineer, Jeff Goldstein, discusses if AMP for Email is a solution for sending HIPPA and PII information to customers.

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earth day

5 Ways to Replace Snail Mail with Triggered and Transactional Emails This Earth Day

Apr. 22, 2019 / By Craig Schumpert

Learn why triggered and transactional emails are a great way to replace notices that used to be sent via snail mail to save paper this Earth Day.

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music festivals send email

Emailchella: How Music Festivals Send Email

Apr. 12, 2019 / By Erica Weiss

Check out a few examples of how some of the leading music festivals send email before, during, and after their respective events to facilitate great CX.

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financial services

An Email Performance Primer for Financial Services Companies

Jan. 11, 2019 / By Tom Mairs

If your financial services company depends on email to attract, up-sell, service, and retain customers, here are some things you should definitely know.

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automated notifications

3 Types of Automated Notifications to Avoid

Sep. 5, 2018 / By Sparky

Our guide will teach you about which types of automated notifications to avoid in order to keep your customers happy and engaged.

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bayesian logic

The Bayesian Logic in SparkPost’s A/B Testing API

Aug. 10, 2018 / By Jason Sorensen

Our new API feature for A/B testing transactional emails uses a statistical algorithm, Bayesian Logic, for picking the winning variant of the message.

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Transactional Email AB Testing API

New Feature: A/B Testing API for Transactional Email and Notifications

Jul. 25, 2018 / By Irina Doliov

Transactional email has unique testing requirements. SparkPost’s A/B Testing API is optimized for testing real-time use cases like app notifications.

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transactional email

What is Transactional Email?

Apr. 27, 2018 / By Jett Pendleton

An overview of transactional emails, who should be sending them, best practices and some tips for increasing overall engagement and the customer experience.

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