Are They Listening? Tips on Email Segmentation Via Webhooks

May. 6, 2015 / By Irina Doliov

We typically think of segmentation as a function of marketing. Marketers are the ones worried that one email’s content is relevant to a 25 year old woman in San Francisco while another is more appropriate for a 55 year old man in New York. While making content relevant to your audience is absolutely critical to long term marketing success, that’s not the type of segmentation I’m talking about here.

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List Pruning: How to Nurture Your Email Sender Reputation

Apr. 17, 2015 / By Benjamin Dean

For developers sending email from their web and mobile applications, inbox placement is directly related to the quality of sending reputation. Curating your email lists on a regular basis is an essential key to maintaining a quality sender reputation. What happens if you neglect your subscriber and customer lists?

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