customer acquisition
Apr. 17, 2019 By Silvana Theodoropoulou

Customer Acquisition and Loyalty in the GDPR Era: What Retailers in Europe Think [Survey]

Discover some of the insights on customer acquisition and loyalty you will learn about in the new eTail Benchmarking Report.

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school shopping
Sep. 19, 2018 By Gregory Lee

Back to School Shopping: Tips for Successful Email Campaigns

Learn how to increase the effectiveness and responsiveness of back-to-school shopping email campaigns by segmenting your audience.

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grow ecommerce business with email
Jul. 13, 2018 By Brent Sleeper

5 Tips to Grow Your E-Commerce Business with Email

Email is a key channel for e-commerce businesses looking to thrive and grow. Here are our top 5 tips for growing your e-commerce business with email.

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cart abandonment recovery
Jun. 20, 2018 By Sparky

3 Tips to Maximize Cart Abandonment Recovery

Shopping cart abandonment is the scourge of growth marketers everywhere. Learn three tips from Iterable to manage and navigate cart abandonment recovery.

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bbq labor day email marketing techniques 360x274
Aug. 28, 2017 By Jennifer Lacey

5 Unique Labor Day Email Marketing Techniques to Stand Out

It's never too late to put together an email campaign. Use these last minute tips to perfect your labor day marketing campaign.

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pink background press send email campaign checklist
Aug. 23, 2017 By Holly McQuillan

Preparing For Launch: The Ultimate Email Campaign Checklist

Our ultimate email campaign checklist takes the guesswork and anxiety out of launching large or small scale email campaigns.

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Summer Email Campaigns
Jul. 24, 2017 By Holly McQuillan

5 Tactics to Freshen Up Your Summer Email Campaigns

Taking a look at 5 creative ways to engage with your customers through your summer email campaigns.☀️⛱️😎

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time sensitive email
Dec. 7, 2016 By Brent Sleeper

Time Sensitive Email and the Marketer Who Cried Wolf

Time sensitive email can be a powerful tool for marketers. Here’s how to use limited-time offers without making customers think you’re crying wolf.

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Nov. 7, 2016 By Tracy Sestili

The eCommerce Tipping Point: Converting Consumers via Email

Brick and mortar businesses are staying closed on Thanksgiving, but online retail never closes. Yet, there are barriers to purchase. Find out what they are and how to combat them and convert consumers via email.

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