GDPR webinar

GDPR Affects Email Worldwide

Apr. 11, 2018 / By Julie Bishopp

Get an overview of GDPR, learn practical advice on aligning email sending practices with GDPR requirements and discover GDPR’s impact on your organization.

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GDPR: What Email Senders Need to Know

Nov. 1, 2017 / By Jason Soni

Europe’s GDPR privacy law is an issue for almost every company with an app, SaaS product, or other service. Here’s what email senders need to know.

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orange weighing scales emails unsubscribers

Learn To Love Your Unsubscribers

Jun. 19, 2017 / By Holly McQuillan

Unsubscribers are inevitable in email marketing. They’re often looked at negatively, but we prove how they do a lot of work for marketers by cleaning lists.

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spam complaints owls

Spam Complaints: What You Need To Know

Dec. 14, 2016 / By Clea Moore

Spam complaints tell ISPs how to treat your mail and can indicate the health of your overall mail program. Here’s how to use them to optimize your programs.

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