Gmail CSS Stylesheets

Gmail’s Big Update: CSS Stylesheets

Sep. 19, 2016 / By Sparky

Gmail will now support CSS stylesheets. We're sharing why this is a victory for the email industry, and linking to some additional resources on the updates.

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anatomy of an email

Anatomy of an Email [Infographic]

Jul. 6, 2016 / By Brent Sleeper

This infographic explains the vital elements that give your emails structure and that make it easy for recipients to engage with your messages.

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Advanced Email Templates

Mar. 25, 2016 / By Chris Wilson

For the developer who wants to get the most out of SparkPost's email template capabilities, here's a guide to creating templates for more complex messages.

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Responsive Email Design is Responsible Marketing

May. 1, 2015 / By Sparky

Responsive email design is the new normal and how anyone sending email today should approach the design of their marketing and transactional communications. Used properly it enables you to overcome the complications of distributing email in a landscape with multiple generations of iPhones, an ever-growing variety of Android devices, tablets, laptops and desktops. Beyond devices, each email client has its particular rendering quirks such as how Gmail only renders CSS inline and will strip, or not render, stylesheets in the .

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