Hello Summer

Emails we love this summer

Jun. 29, 2022 / By Harriet Howard

We are halfway through 2022, the Summer Solstice 2022 here in Northern Hemisphere is behind us, and the final 6 months of the year stretch ahead. To celebrate making it this far, we thought we’d take a moment to admire some of our favorite summer email examples.  Do any of these land on your favorites

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Email should be accessible to those reading messages through touch with screen readers or Braille readers.

Best practices to make your email more accessible

Feb. 22, 2022 / By Snaedis Valsdottir

You’ve probably thought about diversity and inclusion at your company, especially from the perspective of hiring and employees. But have you thought about how inclusive your email content is? If you’re not following email accessibility best practices, you could be excluding 20% or more of your readers. Get your message to as many people as

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Valentine Roses Email Design

The Most Dramatic Blog Post Ever: Valentine’s Day 2022

Feb. 8, 2022 / By Lauren Stein

In this season of the Bachelor, we are fortunate enough to have an NFL player who has had a whopping zero minutes of playing time during his entire career. Clayton Echard is also the only Bachelor who hasn’t been in the spotlight yet and was not a fan favorite at all.  However, we’re not here

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2022 email benchmarks

2022 Email Benchmarks, Trends & Geeky Behaviors

Jan. 19, 2022 / By Koertni Adams

Check out the top 2022 email benchmarks in this new, comprehensive report Email is hard. And effective. And fun! Basically, email rules. 👑 Our new report, Email in 2022, includes almost 50 pages all about why email rules – it turns out we had a lot to say. The report is broken out into three

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EDS Creativity Tips Design

6 Email Design Best Practices We Swear By

Dec. 14, 2021 / By Lauren Stein

Email design is so much more than what you see in an email. It’s also the strategy that goes behind creating your emails before you build them, and the brand personality that resonates with your subscriber at each touchpoint. It’s also ensuring your reader gets a great experience, regardless of device preferences, accessibility needs, or

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Email Design System

[Free Course] How to Make Email Production Easier with an Email Design System

Jun. 7, 2021 / By Koertni Adams

“Can you just send an email?” It seems like bosses everywhere say this… and they mean no harm with that “ASAP” deadline, but we email marketers know that getting a professional email out the door requires a ton of behind-the-scenes work. Between content, design, dev, ops, approvals, testing, etc. etc. – just getting an email

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color palette

Creating A Color Palette

Feb. 23, 2021 / By Jon Ambas

Lead User Experience Engineer, Jon Ambas, shares how he and his team built a new accessible color palette for SparkPost's design system.

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Gmail CSS Stylesheets

Gmail’s Big Update: CSS Stylesheets

Sep. 19, 2016 / By Sparky

Gmail will now support CSS stylesheets. We're sharing why this is a victory for the email industry, and linking to some additional resources on the updates.

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anatomy of an email

Anatomy of an Email [Infographic]

Jul. 6, 2016 / By Brent Sleeper

This infographic explains the vital elements that give your emails structure and that make it easy for recipients to engage with your messages.

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Advanced Email Templates

Mar. 25, 2016 / By Chris Wilson

For the developer who wants to get the most out of SparkPost's email template capabilities, here's a guide to creating templates for more complex messages.

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