FinTech Companies
Jun. 17, 2019 By Casey Martin

5 Email Missteps That FinTech Companies Need to Avoid

Study up on five all-too-common mistakes that many FinTech companies make when it comes to email but which you should be able to easily avoid.

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fintech email onboarding
Jun. 3, 2019 By Casey Martin

FinTech Email Onboarding: Are You Doing All You Can With Your Campaigns?

Take a look at some of the biggest challenges of building a FinTech email onboarding program and best practices to address those challenges.

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insurance providers
May. 31, 2019 By Casey Martin

5 Email Tips Insurance Providers Should Keep in Mind

Read up on five email best practices insurance providers should keep in mind when building an email strategy to communicate with customers.

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Fintech email notifications
May. 29, 2019 By Casey Martin

7 Types of Fintech Email Notifications

Discover the 7 types of Fintech email notifications companies use to communicate and build relationships with their customers.

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FinTech unicorns
May. 24, 2019 By Casey Martin

4 Ways FinTech Unicorns Drive User Growth With Triggered and Transactional Emails

Explore 4 examples of the ways current FinTech unicorns are using triggered and transactional emails to help drive their growth.

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successful financial services email
Apr. 3, 2019 By Casey Martin

The Anatomy of a Successful Financial Services Email

When writing a successful financial services email consider how the head, body, and footer of your email work together to help deliver the results you want.

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tax season
Mar. 18, 2019 By Casey Martin

4 Strategies for Getting Maximum ROI From Your Tax Season Emails

Tax season’s looming April 15 deadline is the perfect date to work backward from when planning triggered email campaigns.

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email security standards
Mar. 6, 2019 By Casey Martin

3 Free Email Security Standards That Can Help You Preserve Brand Trust

Learn about three email security standards that can help stop bad actors from impersonating your company and alerting you to such efforts.

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Email Strategies Worth Investing
Mar. 1, 2019 By Erica Weiss

Email Strategies Worth Investing In

Our new ebook, Email Strategies Worth Investing In, showcases examples of successful financial services emails from real financial services companies.

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