Zapier Integrates with SparkPost

Oct. 21, 2015 / By Sparky

SparkPost is proud to announce a new integration with Zapier. Zapier lets you use triggers and actions to automate tasks that would normally require custom development, thousands of dollars in up front development, and long deployment times.

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Connecting SparkPost and Sendwithus

Jul. 31, 2015 / By Alex Mohr

In the days of yore, after an email was triggered, say by a user signing up for your site, a welcome email would be assembled from the code stored deep within your app and sent directly from your server via SMTP. This meant that if you wanted to use dynamic data, like that user’s name, you would have to navigate your database and pull it out. Similarly, if you wanted to make updates, you had to dig into the codebase. We’ve come a long way since then,

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