The Marketer’s Journey

Jan. 29, 2016 / By Brent Sleeper

Mirroring the “customer journey,” marketing professionals are on a journey of their own and adapting to new technology and business models. Jay Henderson, general manager of IBM’s Marketing Cloud, recently presented his advice to make successful change in marketing.

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SparkPost Bootcamp

Power Up: SparkPost Features Boot Camp

Dec. 4, 2015 / By Brent Sleeper

The hands-on boot camps led by experts who know how to make the most of SparkPost are a highlight of our annual Insight user conference. Power up with the session notes and presentations here!

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7 Reasons You Should Stop What You’re Doing and Purchase Your Ticket To Insight

Aug. 21, 2015 / By Jennifer Lacey

There’s a word we’ve been using here a lot lately at Message Systems. It’s “Awesome." We use it so much, in fact, that we keep a running count on company calls to track how many times it’s said. What does that have to do with Insight you’re wondering? Well this year, we’re shaking up a lot of things at our annual user conference, resulting in a whole lot of awesome.

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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Insight 2014

Oct. 16, 2014 / By Angela Cheong

At Insight 2014, the spotlight is on email. Learn about improving email deliverability, email security, email encryption, email analytics, email engagement, email conversion – the list goes on for a bit. If your job revolves around email then this is the conference for you.

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Two Must-Attend Panels to Become a Genius at Email Marketing

Aug. 5, 2014 / By Angela Cheong

Big news on the tech conference front. We've just secured not one, but two panel sessions this year for our annual user conference. That's right, email marketers – when you register for Insight 2014, you'll gain access to the all-star A-list Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Big Sender panels. Here's what in store for you

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