Jul. 22, 2019 By Tom Mairs

Getting Momentum in the Cloud

Read up on the ability to use any of the SparkPost products in a cloud environment either as stand-alone implementations or together as a hybrid solution. 

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Blockchain Email
Jul. 8, 2019 By Casey Martin

What is Blockchain Email?

Blockchain email has benefits that make it attractive to email marketers, but also has some drawbacks too that could make adopting the technology difficult.

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high-volume email
Mar. 27, 2019 By Sparky

What Does It Take to Send Billions of Emails?

High-volume email can be mind-boggling to someone who isn’t steeped in the business. Here’s some real-world advice for tuning Momentum email infrastructure.

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aws network blog hands ipad email
Jun. 7, 2017 By Chris McFadden

Operating DNS on the AWS Network: Challenges and Lessons

Learn how our team worked with AWS to address a challenging DNS performance issue—and tips for troubleshooting with the AWS support team.

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SparkPost Partner Blog 360x274
Mar. 13, 2017 By Beverly Clarke

What It Means To Be A SparkPost Partner

How being a SparkPost partner allows organizations to build and scale their own businesses without worry, while we handle the messaging infrastructure.

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PostgreSQL and SparkPost 360x274
Mar. 1, 2017 By Tom Mairs

SparkPost and PostgreSQL

Leveraging PostgreSQL with SparkPost’s cloud services to optimize features like real-time suppression lists, auto-responders, and content snippet libraries.

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Feb. 7, 2017 By Chris McFadden

The Day Our DNS Hit an Undocumented Limit in AWS

Learn what happened when we ran into—and solved—an unusual condition in Amazon Web Services (AWS) that impacted our DNS infrastructure and our service.

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scalable email infrastructure email growth chart
Jan. 11, 2017 By Sparky

How to Build a Scalable Email Infrastructure

We sit down with Software Engineering Daily and share what it's like to architect a scalable email infrastructure that grows with our customer base.

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scalable reporting for 25% of world's legitimate emails with magnifying glass on iPad and iMac
Aug. 26, 2016 By Bob Evans

Scalable Reporting for 25% of all Non-Spam Email

We send over 25% of all non-spam email, but how do we account for all of them? See how we scaled our reporting to make over 40 metrics available to you.

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