How and Why a Secure Email Service Sets You Apart from Spammers

Apr. 27, 2015 / By Autumn Tyr-Salvia

Successful email engagement is predicated on trust. Recipients need to trust that your emails are actually from you. That’s why SparkPost requires you undertake additional setup steps versus services that are less concerned with reputation. A secure email service starts by preventing phishing—emails that fraudulently claim to be from someone else in an illicit attempt to gain benefit. It’s the email that claims to be from the reader’s bank, but downloads malware or steals a password when they follow the message links.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Now Available in SparkPost

Apr. 22, 2015 / By Sparky

With SparkPost, our highest priority is protecting our users, their data and their reputation. We take great efforts to protect our network against external threats, but one of the biggest risks to users is their passwords being compromised and having a criminal then using those credentials to pose as them. To prevent that, we’ve implemented multi-factor authentication(MFA) as an option on all accounts in Sparkpost. With MFA enabled, when you login to your account you will also need to enter a token that you receive on your mobile device.

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Critical Vulnerabilities to be Aware of in Bash

Sep. 25, 2014 / By Mark Bainter

On Wednesday, 9/25, a vulnerability was discovered in the 'bash' shell that is present by default in the Redhat family of Linux distributions. The ubiquitous nature of this utility, and the many aspects of the system that depend on it mean that this vulnerability has far-reaching security implications.

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Phishing attacks per day

Don’t Let Your Data Become Phish Food!

Aug. 18, 2014 / By John Pinson

Large-scale phishing email blasts still make the news, but today's most dangerous digital attacks use spearphishing messages aimed directly at particular individuals or organizations. Both the Online Trust Alliance and Symantec accorded 2013 the dubious honor of being the year of data breaches.

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On the Subject of OpenSSL and Email Security

Jun. 10, 2014 / By Elliot Tilley

With email deliverability so strongly influenced by sender reputation and the abundance of data stored and used to personalize the user experience, you can rest assured that would-be spammers, scammers and identify thieves are monitoring and acting on OpenSSL security vulnerabilities - and so should you.

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Why DMARC Is Important for Email Conversions

Feb. 20, 2014 / By Angela Cheong

In this edition of email marketing news, we're looking at the issues of conversions and ROI when it comes to email and social. Email emerges as a clear winner,which brings us to the issue of data security and DMARC in particular.

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