S/MIME: What is it, why should I care, and how does it relate to SparkPost?

Dec. 19, 2018 / By Steve Tuck

Discover how S/MIME, is a long-established method of sending encrypted, signed email, based on public Internet standards, relates to SparkPost.

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Time for Financial Organizations to Get Serious about DMARC

Oct. 19, 2018 / By Eric Knutson

Learn how Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) helps to protect financial services businesses.

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email security best practices

3 Mandatory Email Security Best Practices for the Financial Services Industry

Oct. 15, 2018 / By Tom Mairs

Learn about email security best practices that are absolutely vital to protecting the credibility of financial services businesses.

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marketing strategies

4 Marketing Strategies for Financial Institutions

Oct. 12, 2018 / By Erica Weiss

Learn about 4 marketing strategies traditional financial institutions can apply to remain relevant in an industry that has been disrupted by technology.

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Trick-or-Treat: 3 Ways to Tell You’re Being Phished via Email

Oct. 10, 2018 / By Sparky

When it comes to email there is nothing spookier than being phished. Learn about 3 clues that can help you identify a phishing attack.

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email security breach

Preventing an Email Security Breach: The 3-Pronged Defense

Aug. 13, 2018 / By Sparky

Securing email against determined attackers takes strategic defense. Our multi-pronged security method will help you prevent an email security breach.

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multi-factor authentication

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Jun. 29, 2018 / By Michael Potter

The need for online identification verification has never been stronger. Learn about Multi-Factor Authentication and other ways to keep your identity safe.

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email security's hidden complexity

Email Security’s Hidden Complexity: Are Termites Eating Your House?

May. 21, 2018 / By Tom Mairs

Any company working with customer data or providing any service online needs to pay close attention to security and get their "house" in order.

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TLS v1.0 deprecation

Deprecation of TLS v1.0

May. 2, 2018 / By Manny Solis

SparkPost will be deprecating TLSv1.0 fallback across all of our systems on June 30th, 2018 in order to remain compliant with the latest security standards.

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