Oct. 4, 2019 By Todd Herr

Spamhaus’ Crackdown on Abusers

Read up on the new changes renowned blacklist operator Spamhaus recently announced to its DNSBL (a.k.a. blacklist) products.

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spam traps
Aug. 16, 2019 By Avi Goldman

Spam Traps: Break it Down

Find and fix issues faster with our breakdown of spam traps now available as part of our Spam Trap Monitoring feature inside of SparkPost Signals.

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Spamhaus listing
Apr. 19, 2019 By Kate Nowrouzi

What to Do When You’ve Been Listed on Spamhaus

Our SVP of Deliverability Strategy, Kate Nowrouzi, explains what you should do if you've been unfairly listed on Spamhaus.

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Oct. 10, 2018 By Sparky

Trick-or-Treat: 3 Ways to Tell You’re Being Phished via Email

When it comes to email there is nothing spookier than being phished. Learn about 3 clues that can help you identify a phishing attack.

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spam bot abuse
Apr. 13, 2018 By Hailey Orndorff

4 Ways to Protect Your Email List from Spam Bot Abuse

Our deliverability team shares four tactics to proactively protect your email recipient lists and sending reputation from spam bot abuse.

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email rebranding
Mar. 30, 2018 By Christina Hoheisel

5 Things to Consider Regarding your Email List when Rebranding

Some best practices to follow if you’re rebranding email due to an acquisition or general rebranding initiative to avoid confusing recipients.

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mircosoft scl bcl blue background while sheet 360x274
Jan. 26, 2018 By Christina Hoheisel

Legitimate vs. Spam Messages: Breaking Down Microsoft’s Rating System

Our deliverability expert breaks down what Microsoft's SCL, BCL, and PCL ratings mean when sending messages to one of their domains.

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blacklisted ip addresses 360x274
Mar. 29, 2017 By Tonya Gordon

Troubleshooting Blacklisted IP Addresses

One of our deliverability experts weighs in on blacklisted IP addresses, good sending best practices and what actions to take if you suspect a blacklisting.

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account suspension lock icon
Dec. 21, 2016 By Phillip Merrick

Why We’re Careful to Take Account Suspension Seriously

Our CEO explains why we take an abundance of caution when it comes to preventing email abuse—and the care we take when it results in account suspension.

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