mandrill shutdown

T-Minus 7 Days to Mandrill Shutdown

Apr. 20, 2016 / By Josh Aberant

All systems are go. Here’s what you need to know to make it through the final countdown and migrate to an alternative before the Mandrill shutdown.

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How to Run SparkPost in Postman

Apr. 8, 2016 / By Steve Tuck

Our SparkPost API documentation now comes with a “Run in Postman” button, but what does that mean? Steve Tuck talks through why it’s useful and how to get up and running.

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Advanced Email Templates

Mar. 25, 2016 / By Chris Wilson

For the developer who wants to get the most out of SparkPost's email template capabilities, here's a guide to creating templates for more complex messages.

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PHP in SparkPost

Using SparkPost in PHP

Mar. 11, 2016 / By Jordan Nornhold

A how-to guide on using our PHP client library to wrap code and use SparkPost through our API.

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Announcing SparkPost in Postman

Mar. 10, 2016 / By Dave Gray

Interacting with SparkPost in Postman helps less technical users turn API requests into something more digestible through a user-friendly point and click UI.

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leap day 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Feb. 26, 2016 / By Nancy Habecker

Does your code know about February 29, 2016? This 'just for fun' post on leap day is a reminder to test your code for any date-related bugs.

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developer week 2016

Developer Week 2016 Recap

Feb. 24, 2016 / By Mary Thengvall

Our recap of Developer Week 2016, which included making lots of connections, hackathon winners and building awesome things.

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performance monitoring injector node

Performance Monitoring at SparkPost

Feb. 19, 2016 / By Jamison Moody

Performance monitoring gives insight into what’s happening in your systems and what to focus on to optimize the performance of your injector. Here's how we do it at SparkPost.

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developer week 2016

Visit Us At Developer Week 2016

Feb. 5, 2016 / By Mary Thengvall

San Francisco’s largest tech event of the year, Developer Week, is back and we’re proud to be sponsors. Find us in both the expo hall and at the hackathon.

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