Gmail CSS Stylesheets

Gmail’s Big Update: CSS Stylesheets

Sep. 19, 2016 / By Sparky

Gmail will now support CSS stylesheets. We're sharing why this is a victory for the email industry, and linking to some additional resources on the updates.

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what do hackathon judges look for

What Hackathon Judges Look For

Sep. 16, 2016 / By Mary Thengvall

You’ve endured hours of caffeine and writing new code. All that’s left? Presenting to hackathon judges. Take a deep breath -- you’re in the final stretch!

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11 Things to Bring to Every Hackathon

Sep. 14, 2016 / By Tracy Sestili

We've been to a few hackathons and even host our own. Find out the hackathon necessities you need to go to your next hackathon -- including a Spotify playlist.

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3 sparkpost email testing tools to improve productivity

3 Email Testing Tools To Save You Time

Jul. 15, 2016 / By Dave Gray

FBLs and out-of-band bounces are hard to test properly. Learn how to simulate these messages with some email testing tools to ensure your subscriber list is updated correctly.

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What Recruiters Look for in a Dev Candidate

May. 25, 2016 / By Tracy Sestili

Every recruiter has a different POV on what they look for in a dev candidate. There's no magic formula for the best type of résumé or application. However, there are some key things that are consistent among many recruiters. Read below to see how you stack up.

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George Schlossnagle

On Being a Cloud Software Architect

May. 20, 2016 / By Brent Sleeper

SparkPost founder George Schlossnagle shares his point of view about what it means to be a software architect and developing at scale for the cloud.

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