New Case Study — ContactLab Goes Multi-Channel on a Single Platform with Mobile Momentum

John Pinson
Jul. 27, 2011 by John Pinson

We just posted our new customer case study featuring ContactLab, a leading digital marketing services provider based in Milan, Italy. It’s an interesting read because ContactLab isn’t just an early adopter of Mobile Momentum, they’ve offered SMS text services for many years. After running into some performance issues with their old SMS infrastructure in 2010, the firm launched a search for an alternative.

ContactLab Logo

With many years experience in the digital messaging space, ContactLab’s CTO Davide Migliavacca brought a lot of knowledge in terms of what to look for in a mobile platform. The firm – which manages integrated campaigns across Europe for global brands such as Acer, Expedia, illy and La Perla – had a series of challenges to address that lead them to Mobile Momentum, and not just a boost in performance to support steadily growing volumes. Just as important was meeting delivery constraints associated with large-scale campaigns involving time-sensitive SMS text message offers and promotions.

There are any number of technological and logistical challenges associated with mobile marketing that aren’t a factor in conventional direct email marketing – things like managing aggregator relationships, managing and reporting on DLR recipient data, meeting message volume windows for time-sensitive mobile campaigns, and multi-protocol support. ContactLab has been handling these kinds of issues for many years, so it’s revealing to hear how the pros do it – and that’s the story we tell in the case study.

Also, ContactLab is leveraging Mobile Momentum’s multichannel capabilities to transform message content on the fly between email and SMS/MMS – a great example of message convergence in action. They can create message content once and purpose it as needed according the channel preference – very cool. If you’re a mobile marketer too, or new to the game, by all means, read the whole thing.

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