Todd Herr is a member of the Deliverability team at SparkPost. He's got a varied background in the Information Technology field, with an emphasis on email and DNS. His email experience includes being a Postmaster in charge of anti-spam policy at a medium-sized ISP, contributing to RFC 6449 (Complaint Feedback Loop Operational Recommendations), working in email operations, and presenting at industry conferences

Posts by Todd:

DKIM Validation: An Email Authentication Best Practice

An overview of DKIM validation including how to sign and validate work, interpreting DKIM signatures, what DKIM public keys look like and more.

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Using Google Postmaster Tools

Senders can access a series of dashboards that display metrics about mail sent to Google users, called Google Postmaster Tools. Here’s how to use them.

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SPF Authentication: An Overview and Best Practices

An overview of SPF authentication, how it works and how to incorporate it into a successful email authentication strategy.

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Prime Sending Times: Using Prime Numbers to Improve Delivery

One of our deliverability experts shares how using prime numbers to determine prime sending times might have a positive impact on improving email delivery.

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DMARC: How to Protect Your Email Reputation

Properly implementing the DMARC standard will help you to protect your email reputation. Here’s how to get started configuring DMARC.

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SparkPost Supports Sending Email on Apple Watch

You may not have thought about making your emails look good on an Apple Watch, but a recent survey tells us that email is one of two top uses for that device, with 72% of users checking email or monitoring ...

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