Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in your email marketing campaigns this year? We’ll break down why you might want to consider it if you aren’t already, and share some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day email examples. But first, an Irish (Email) Blessing:

May your boss’s approvals rise to meet you.
May your subscribers adore you,
and spam traps ignore you.
May all your emails reach the inbox,
and all your CTAs convert.
May the best email of the past
be the worst email of your future.

An Irish (Email) Blessing

Okay, okay. That’s not really an Irish Blessing but those are all the blessings we’d wish for #emailgeeks on St. Patrick’s Day and every day. 😉

Why Send a St. Patrick’s Day-themed Email?

While St. Patrick’s Day may not be considered a major holiday, it is one that is at least recognized by most folks.

In fact, according to the National Retail Federation‘s annual survey on St. Patrick’s Day, more than half of the adults polled reported that they were planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year. The NRF also reported that consumers are expected to spend an average of $42.33 on St. Patrick’s Day in 2022 – a $5.78 Billion total.

That means if you’re not already, you may want to consider the holiday as an opportunity for your brand. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day email examples and share why we think they’ve struck gold.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme St. Patrick's Day Email

Krispy Kreme’s email sets out to connect the doughnut – which is not a classic Irish delicacy – to a classic Irish holiday, and using their hero image of green doughnuts I’d argue that they’ve succeeded.

Beyond the holiday theme, the email follows all of email marketing best practices: a prominent call to action, and clear product imagery and copy.


My Vegan St. Patrick's Day email

MyVegan leans in on the traditional green color scheme, making it clear that this is a St. Patrick’s Day campaign. The prominent promo code LUCKY also reflects the holiday, making it a great St. Patrick’s Day email example. Meanwhile, the email copy encouraging subscribers to “go green” is a fun way to link the vegan lifestyle to the holiday’s signature color.


Kahlua St. Patrick's Day Email

Email courtesy of Really Good Emails

Right away Kahlúa’s email starts off strong in the preheader with its “Shake, Strain, Sláinte” line. “Sláinte,” which means “Cheers” in Irish is a fun way to link the beverage to the holiday.

Another obvious way Kahlúa makes a reference to St. Patrick’s Day and Irish culture is through the topic of the email itself: a drink made from Kahlúa and Jameson, an Irish whiskey.


Harry's St. Patrick's Day email example

Email courtesy of Really Good Emails

While the green background of the email may be the traditional color scheme of St. Patrick’s Day, nothing else about this email is conventional. Harry’s leans into its brand, using humor to celebrate the holiday and tie it back to the shaving products they offer. The brand also incorporates the use of a fun hashtag, #SAVETHESTOUT which gives the email extra legs and helps translate the fun over to social media.

May the Luck of the Irish – and These St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples – Be With You

Whether they offer inspiration for a St. Patrick’s Day email campaign of your own or spark an interest in trying your hand at tying the holiday back to your brand, we hope you enjoyed these St. Patrick’s Day email examples as much as we do!

Elsbeth Russell, SparkPost Community Manager

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