2016 Sparky Awards Winners Announced

Tracy Sestili
Mar. 14, 2016 by Tracy Sestili

Are you looking for cool ways to innovate in your email marketing or with the SparkPost API? Look no further! Here are some great examples and the winners from the 2016 Sparky Awards.

Our first annual Sparky Awards generated a lot of creativity. A panel of five industry expert judges was assembled to carefully review the submissions in each category. Each submission was analyzed based on a number of factors including originality, best practices, and innovation. It wasn’t easy, but there were some that stood out more than the others.



Best Email Campaign: Chapman University

Chapman University streamlined their email campaigns and won our hearts on efficiency by streamlining their templates to meet the needs of various departments. They also decreased the amount of emails sent while increasing engagement by 40 percent.

Best Subject Line: Gisela Hausman

Email Evangelist Gisela Hausman increased her open rates with people she did not have a personal relationship (like Mark Cuban and Seth Godin) proving good subject lines rule.

Best Use of SparkPost API: IMS Health

IMS Health built a customer support tool ontop of the ‘Message Events’ API to be able to query against a specific address in order to see what in fact did happen. As a result of adopting this API method within their Support organization, they’ve reduced their case worked duration time by 50% on these specific requests.

Best Use of SparkPost API with a Partner: EmailAI (Kevin Burns & Brett Henderson)

Kevin and Brett created EmailAI, a background service that proofreads emails or essays for you. EmailAI returns analytical details and emotions you are giving off using IBM Watson.

The Grand Prize winner, who will receive a Sparky Award, a pass to our Insight Conference in San Diego in October (you can save the date here) and bragging rights for a year is….EmailAI

Congratulations to all of our winners!

The badge of honor: If you’re a winner, you can post this image to your blog or your website.

Sparky Awards Winner 2016

We thank everyone who submitted an entry to the 2016 Annual Sparky Awards. We encourage you to mark your calendars for January 2017 and check back for the second annual 2017 Annual Sparky Awards.

Special thanks to our judges: Len Shneyder, Danny Tal, Autumn Tyr-Salvia, Dennis Dayman and Rich Leland.

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