Our DevOps Journey

Switching from on-premises to a cloud-first company is no small feat. Here’s our journey to continuous deployment and improvement over the past few years.

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SparkPost Tools

DKIM Validator

Verifying DKIM is the first step to helping your email get to the inbox. It tells ISPs that—unlike spammers—you are accountable for your email. Check your DKIM configuration quickly with our DKIM Validator tool!

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SparkPost CEO Review of an Awesome 2016… and an Even Better 2017

SparkPost’s CEO reviews customer and business growth for the SparkPost email delivery service in 2016. It’s been a great year. 2017 might be even better.

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Everything You Need to Know About the SparkPost WordPress Plugin

Some background on WordPress plugins, why we created a SparkPost WordPress plugin, how you can use and contribute to it, and our maintenance process.

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How to Build a Scalable Email Infrastructure

We sit down with Software Engineering Daily and share what it's like to architect a scalable email infrastructure that grows with our customer base.

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IP Warmup: A Guide to Ensure Deliverability Success

One of our deliverability experts walks through the hows and whys of IP warmup and why it's a key element in good email deliverability.

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How To Build a Resolution Reminder App

Looking to keep your new years resolutions? Mary walks you through the resolution reminder app she built with the help of her furry friend Ember.

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3 Email Resolutions That You Can Stick to in 2017

Sometimes with resolutions, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are three email resolutions and easy steps to implement them for email program success in 2017.

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