Tracking Recipient Preferences With The User Agent Header in PHP

Learn how to build out a webhook service to receive, process, and store user agent details for tracking clicks from your SparkPost account.

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SparkPost Tools

DKIM Validator

Verifying DKIM is the first step to helping your email get to the inbox. It tells ISPs that—unlike spammers—you are accountable for your email. Check your DKIM configuration quickly with our DKIM Validator tool!

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Top 5 Reasons to Join SparkPost As An Engineering Intern

Opportunities, technology and perks galore! Our director of HR lays out the top 5 reasons you should consider joining us as an engineering intern.

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Architectural Upgrades to Our Core Platform Making SparkPost Better

Our CTO and Founder shares some key architectural upgrades we’ve made to our core platform to further improve our product’s reliability and scalability.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About St. Patrick's Day

Our intern Holly McQuillan shares 10 facts you might not know about St. Patrick's Day, and how celebrating in the U.S. differs from celebrating in Ireland.

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SparkPost Labs: A/B Test API

Our VP of Engineering introduces SparkPost Labs. Learn how we're sharing new and experimental API and App functionality with our developer community.

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What It Means To Be A SparkPost Partner

How being a SparkPost partner allows organizations to build and scale their own businesses without worry, while we handle the messaging infrastructure.

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Take The New SparkPost CLI For A Spin

Avi Goldman discusses our new SparkPost CLI. Here's why he built it, what’s on the back end, and how it’ll help you with sending emails through SparkPost.

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