PowerMTA 5.0
Sep. 18, 2019 By Harold Vass

Welcoming PowerMTA 5.0

Technical Product Manager, Harold Vass, shares the key items included in the launch of the newest version of PowerMTA - PowerMTA 5.0!

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The Buyer’s Guide to Email Delivery Platforms

The thing with email is that good enough just… isn’t, anymore. This guide simplifies the complex world of email to help you decide which email vendor is right for your business.

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deploy SparkPost Signals
Sep. 16, 2019 By Steve Tuck

How to Get Ready to Deploy SparkPost Signals for On-Premises – Part 1

In part 1 of his series Senior Messaging Engineer, Steve Tuck, introduces how to deploy SparkPost Signals for Momentum and PowerMTA.

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Email Validation
Sep. 13, 2019 By Avi Goldman

3 Things You Should Know About Email Validation

Discover how Email Validation can protect your sender reputation, drive inbox placement, and improve the performance of your email campaigns.

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prevent email address typos
Sep. 11, 2019 By Erica Weiss

5 Best Practices for Helping Prevent Email Address Typos

Discover our five best practices for helping prevent email address typos when your customers fill out your sign-up form on your site.

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SparkPost Signals reports
Sep. 9, 2019 By Avi Goldman

Constant Vigilance: Improvements to SparkPost Signals Reports

Technical Product Manager, Avi Goldman, reveals our newest improvement to SparkPost Signals reports. Try SparkPost Signals today!

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voice in email
Sep. 6, 2019 By Erica Weiss

The Future of Voice in Email: 7 Things to Consider

The future of voice in email is here: read up on 7 things to consider when creating emails that could be read by Alexa, as well as other virtual assistants.

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API-based validation
Sep. 4, 2019 By Steve Tuck

Recipient Validation: API-based Validation

Senior Messaging Engineer, Steve Tuck, explains how to use his simple command-line tool to validate email addresses with SparkPost's API-based validation.

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