Sending Email from Google Cloud Functions

Heres a quick and easy tutorial on serverless transactional email with SparkPost and Google’s Cloud Functions on Firebase.

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Minds (and Rates), They Are a Changin' !

We're updating the way we calculate certain metrics rates within our UI. Learn why we're making these changes and what you can expect when you log in.

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How Templates Work with Subaccounts

A helpful how-to guide from one of our sales engineers on owning, managing and sharing templates with SparkPost subaccounts.

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Actionable, Interactive Experiences are the Future of Email

Learn how Rebel and SparkPost work seamlessly to provide interactive email experiences and how those will integrate with Gmail's AMP rollout.

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The 2018 Sparky Award Winners

Another Sparky Awards season is in the books. Meet the 2018 Sparky Award winners and see who took home the top prizes in each category.

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International Women’s Day: Celebrating Female Tech Pioneers

In celebration of International Women's Day, we're taking a look at some incredible contributions to the tech field made by female pioneers in the industry.

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Video Tutorial: How to Build Interactive Emails with HEML

As they say, it’s better to show than to tell. Here's a quick video demo of how to build a HEML email from scratch in just a few minutes.

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