Interested in helping us make SparkPost an even better product? Join our ambassador program!

What are my responsibilities?

  • Developer Avocados are open and able to reply to surveys we put out, questions we ask, opinions we’re looking for, etc.
  • Let us know when you’re hosting an event. Whether it’s a meetup, a workshop, or a larger conference, we’d be happy to speak, provide swag, help promote, and occasionally even sponsor your events.
  • Tip us off to cool incubators and coworking spaces. We love to host workshops and trainings, as well as mentor new startups.
  • Participate in our Community Slack on occasion. If you happen to see a question you can answer or a community member who’s in need of some help, jump in.

What do I get in exchange?

  • Try out beta features and test new portions of the UI.
  • Give input into our priorities and roadmap.
  • If you’re a meetup or event organizer, we’d be happy to speak, provide swag, help promote, and occasionally even sponsor your events.
  • There’s a good chance there will be some limited edition swag along the way too!


  • Alright, I’ll bite. Why are you calling us Developer Avocados? Our community team at SparkPost (the lucky group that gets to interact with all of you on a regular basis) is called the Developer Advocacy team. One of our project managers had a hard time saying that phrase (and perhaps has a slight obsession with avocados), and pretty soon, we became known as the Developer Avocado team. The name stuck internally, and given how much our team loves avocados, we decided to extend that name to this group as well. It’s fitting, since you’re helping us make SparkPost a healthier product for everybody.
  • Ok… but what is this group? At its most basic, this group is an external sounding board made up of folks who come from a variety of companies and roles, represent various sending volumes, and can provide feedback for us on what you love about SparkPost as well as what we can be doing better. We also want to support you in your community endeavors. Whether that’s running a meetup, organizing a conference, or helping to mentor local startups, we want to work with you to make your event as successful as possible.
  • Why me? We’ve taken a look at people who seem to be using our product regularly and have already given us good feedback about features, as well as those who seem to be community-oriented — helping others and being involved in the bigger picture. You fit that bill perfectly, and as such, we’d love for you to be involved!