The Adaptive Email Network

Global Email Intelligence

Intelligence for Senders

The Adaptive Email Network (AEN) compiles email data from global ISPs and the world’s largest senders and processors of email—constituting over 90% of global email traffic—and makes that intelligence available to SparkPost customers through daily online updates. Through the AEN, SparkPost is uniquely able to analyze message disposition data and create intelligent sending rules. Senders using SparkPost have far higher rates of compliance with ISP use policies, and therefore experience fewer bounces, blocks, and delays in their email streams.

A really big job

There are more than 12,000 ISPs worldwide (about 7,000 in the U.S. alone) and millions of IP domains, each of which implements differing policies for bouncing messages. The vast scope of the email universe makes it impossible for individual senders to a) keep track of rules worldwide, and b) continually update their sending infrastructure to reflect constant changes. Processing feedback loops (FBLs) is another daunting task. For any company sending in large volumes, the corresponding number of bounce messages and FBLs quickly become too large for human interpretation. With the Adaptive Email Network , SparkPost provides an automated solution to all of these challenges.

Automated email deliverability

SparkPost includes dedicated bounce and FBL processing and remediation modules, providing an automated, out-of-the-box mechanism for managing critical functions of email infrastructure. An important element of this solution is our live bounce updates service, which provides a professionally managed bounce code interpreter that eliminates the need to constantly analyze new bounce codes. Monitored by the SparkPost email deliverability team, the system classifies new bounce codes from the worldwide ISP community into approxim