Email and User Engagement Strategies

User engagement is key to SaaS product growth. Learn how features such as email notifications convey essential information, drive app activity and visits, and nurture user relationships.

email user engagement and growth

Driving User Engagement and Growth with Email

Email is a powerful tool for driving user engagement. Learn why email notifications are a crucial part of a SaaS product team’s toolkit for growth.

Getting Started with Email Notifications

Email notifications should be an integral part of SaaS product strategy and development. Here’s what product teams need to know to get started.

How to Build an Email Notifications Team

Product emails and notifications are a core responsibility of SaaS product teams, but the skills of others also are required to make them work.

Introduction to A/B Testing for Email Notifications

The performance of email notifications shouldn’t be left to chance. A/B testing is a key way for product teams to optimize their performance.