The most performant email delivery service—
whether your app or website sends hundreds, or billions, of messages

Deliver email, come rain or shine

Missing or delayed emails lead to customer churn. SparkPost offers unmatched inbox delivery and reliability backed by an enterprise SLA.

Take guesswork out of email analytics

Bounce, open, and click-through rates can indicate serious email delivery issues. Get real-time insight on your email delivery health.

Access the industry’s best experts

The world’s most demanding senders rely on our team. Our Technical Account Managers provide full-service support on a first-name basis.

More than just an email API—sophisticated features for applications big and small

Powerful templating, multiple webhook addresses, and multi-account features let you build applications that engage, retain, and rapidly grow your user base.

Missing or delayed product emails lead to customer churn

App-generated emails—often called transactional emails—are messages sent by your application or website in response to a user’s behavior. They play a critical role in acquiring and retaining users, and customers churn when transactional emails are delayed or lost in spam folders.

Activation Email

Welcome / Onboarding

User Invites and Sharing

Two Factor Authentication

Password Reset

Activity Notifications

Reports and Dashboards

Product Updates and Education

Focus on delighting users, not managing email servers

Easily embed email into any app or website with SparkPost’s REST and SMTP email APIs.
Or use client libraries available for many popular languages.

How to Send Zillions of Emails a Day

Deliverability experts share best practices that ensure high-volume email streams don’t overwhelm your customer engagement and inbox performance.

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The Big Rewards of Email Deliverability

Learn how third-party data shows the deliverability difference between SparkPost and also-ran cloud service providers yields hard, bottom-line benefits.

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Email Tools for Developers

These free email tools from the email experts at SparkPost that make it easy to build and check email authentication settings for your domain.

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