In the world of sports publishing, late news is old news, and currency is a key to this sports media company’s business. In the past, the business had used a traditional email service provider to send its email messages, but found that old-school ESP architecture and business model were not a fit for real-time messaging that breaking news requires.

By switching to SparkPost Elite’s dedicated message generation and delivery environment, the company realized significant boosts to both scalability and cost efficiency. Moreover, the deliverability of its messages improved, a key enabler of its engagement strategy. In “Real-Time Engagement for Real Sports Fans” the benefits of choosing SparkPost are clear for this brand:

  • SparkPost’s flexible, API-driven architecture not only meets the company’s demanding performance requirements, but also provides a highly scalable foundation for continuing rapid growth.
  • SparkPost’s superb deliverability to the inbox—the best in the industry—maximizes the reach and impact of its real-time news and data.
  • The pricing of the SparkPost cloud email service is transparent and predictable—and a better value for a frequent, high-volume sender like this one.
  • The expertise and responsiveness of the SparkPost deliverability and services team allows the company’s team to focus on their core mission—with full confidence in their partner’s team and technology.

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