In “Delivering Social Engagement with Email” a leading social network’s state-of-the-art email program has left batch campaigning behind. Every message delivers individually personalized content to members by combining users’ stated messaging preferences with recommendations based on their behavior on the website. Taken together, these explicit and implicit cues let the company create and deliver email that members are more likely to find relevant—and that directly reinforce users’ practical and emotional engagement with the site. By integrating a rich online experience with the precision and insight of empirical analysis, the social network has achieved stellar loyalty and growth.

To underpin this business strategy, the social network needed a delivery service that provided unrivaled deliverability. Just as crucially, it required high-performing APIs for scalable personalization, message generation, and real-time engagment tracking. Traditional email service providers simply couldn’t handle these real-time operating requirements. SparkPost could.

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